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ball and chain a heavy ball attached by a chain to a prisoner's ankle to prevent escape.
chain gang a group of convicts chained together to prevent their escape from an outdoor work site.
chain letter a letter with a message or money-making proposal that instructs the recipient to copy the letter and send it to others.
chain mail flexible armor made of metal links or scalelike plates joined together.
chain of events a series of related events that occur in a sequence after some particular triggering event.
chain reaction any sequence of events in which the result of one event becomes the cause of the one that follows. [3 definitions]
chain saw a portable power saw that cuts by means of teeth set into a revolving chain.
chain stitch a crocheting and embroidery stitch that resembles links in a chain.
chain store one of a group of retail stores that are under the same ownership or central management system and that follow a uniform marketing policy.
chain-link fence a fence made of interwoven links of galvanized steel.
chain-react to be part of or involved in a chain reaction.
chain-smoke to smoke (cigars or cigarettes) one after the other.
closed chain a group of chemically linked atoms that can be represented in models and formulas as a ring or circle.
food chain a succession of living organisms in which each serves as food for the next.
key chain a chain on which keys are strung, or a key ring attached by a short chain or clip to an ornament.
open chain in chemistry, a linear series of covalent atoms not joined at the ends into a cycle, such as an aliphatic compound.
tire chain one of a set of chains designed to fit over a vehicle's tires to increase traction on snow-covered or icy roads.