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blank check a bank check with the signature, but not the amount, filled in, leaving the payee free to set the amount. [2 definitions]
cashier's check a check drawn by a bank on its own funds and signed by its cashier.
certified check a check bearing the issuing bank's guarantee that there is enough money on deposit to cover the check.
check in to register at a hotel, conference, or the like. [2 definitions]
check mark a mark () placed next to an item to indicate correctness, completion, choice, or other kinds of verification.
check off to make a mark next to things on a list that are already correct, completed, or not needed anymore.
check out to pay for something in a store where there are different lines for people to pay. [2 definitions]
check up on to try to get information about what someone is doing.
check-box a small empty square printed next to an item on a form, test, or list, to be filled in with a check or other mark to indicate choice or completion. [2 definitions]
check-cashing card a card given by a store. It allows a person to write a check to buy something from that store.
check-in the act or an instance of registering, as at a hotel.
checkout the act of checking out of a hotel room. [4 definitions]
counter check a check available at a bank to customers with accounts, for making withdrawals.
double check to check something twice to make sure that it is correct.
double-check to verify, as by checking twice; recheck. [2 definitions]
hound's-tooth check a pattern of jagged checks used esp. in material for clothing.
rain check a postponement of an accepted invitation or offer, esp. an assurance to a customer that a sale item that is sold out can be purchased later at the reduced price. [2 definitions]
rubber check a check that is worthless because the account it is drawn on lacks the funds to pay it; check that bounces.
side check a checkrein that attaches to the bit and extends from the side of a horse's head to the saddle.
spell check a computer program that checks the spelling in a document. [2 definitions]