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Broad Church of or pertaining to a liberal party in the Anglican Church that advocates a broad interpretation of rituals and traditions. (Cf. High Church, Low Church.)
Church Fathers the ecclesiastical authorities of the early Christian church, whose writings had an authoritative influence on the formation of Christian doctrine.
Church of Christ, Scientist the official name of the church of Christian Science.
Church of England the national church of England, which is Catholic in form but incorporates some Protestant beliefs and is independent of the papacy.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints the official name of the Mormon Church.
collegiate church a Catholic or Anglican church that has no bishop's see but is presided over by a vice provost or dean and served by a chapter of canons. [2 definitions]
Coptic Church the Egyptian Christian church, which holds as its doctrine that Jesus Christ's nature was single and divine.
Eastern Church any or all of the Christian churches originating in the Eastern Roman Empire. [2 definitions]
Eastern Orthodox Church the modern group of Christian churches, such as the Russian and Greek Orthodox, that originated in the Eastern Roman Empire.
established church a church that is recognized by law and supported as a state institution by a government; national church.
Greek Orthodox Church the national church of Greece, which is a part of the Eastern Orthodox Church. [2 definitions]
High Church of or pertaining to a conservative party in the Anglican Church that advocates retaining many features of Catholic worship. (Cf. Broad Church, Low Church.)
Latin Church see Roman Catholic Church.
Low Church of or pertaining to a liberal party within the Anglican Church emphasizing evangelicalism over tradition and ritual. (Cf. High Church, Broad Church.)
Orthodox Eastern Church variant of Eastern Orthodox Church.
Protestant Episcopal Church a U.S. church descended from and modeled on the Church of England but separate and autonomous since 1789; Episcopal Church.
Roman Catholic Church a Christian church organized into a hierarchy of bishops and priests that is headed by the pope, or Bishop of Rome; Latin Church.
United Church of Christ a Protestant denomination created by a merger of the Congregational Christian Church and the Evangelical and Reformed Church in 1957.
Western Church the branch of the Catholic Church recognizing the Pope and following the Latin rites; Roman Catholic Church. [2 definitions]