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area code in the United States and Canada, any of the three-digit codes that identify the regional telephone districts into which the countries are divided. [2 definitions]
bar code a set of vertical bars of varying widths containing coded information that can be read by an optical scanner, usu. printed on the labels of consumer goods, on mail, and the like. (Cf. Universal Product Code.)
code word a politically acceptable word or phrase that conveys a hidden meaning or disguises the truth by indirection; euphemism.
color-code to organize, classify, or designate according to color.
dialing code (chiefly British) the digits at the beginning of a telephone number that signify one of a country's telephone districts; area code.
dress code a set of rules defining acceptable clothing and appearance for a particular place, occasion, or group.
genetic code the rules governing the order in which amino acids are added to a nascent protein as it is being synthesized according to the order of nucleotides in DNA and RNA molecules.
Morse code a code in which letters of the alphabet or numbers are represented by dots and dashes or by short and long flashes of light or sound.
penal code the body of laws of a country that relates to various crimes and offenses and their penalties.
post code in the UK, a code made up of letters and numerals used to identify a postal address.
Universal Product Code a series of vertical bars printed on packages of consumer goods that indicates price, type of product, and the like, and that can be read by a computerized scanner. (Cf. bar code.)
Zip Code trademark for a system using a code of five or more digits to designate every postal delivery area in the United States.