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birth control control of the number and timing of children born, esp. through the use of contraceptive devices or drugs.
control experiment an experiment in which variables are controlled in order to make clear the effects of varying factors one at a time.
control rod a rod or bar in a nuclear reactor that contains a neutron-absorbing material, and that is lowered into or raised from the core to control the fission chain reaction.
control tower a tower at an airport from which air traffic is directed by radio.
cruise control a control mechanism in automobiles which keeps the vehicle traveling at a steady speed that is set by the driver.
flight control the guidance and direction given to an aircraft by radio from a ground facility.
ground control the system, or its technology or operators, that guides the flights of aircraft or spacecraft from stations on the ground.
gun control the practice or policy of enacting and enforcing laws that impose stricter regulations on the sale, possession, and use of guns.
price control a government's setting of limits on the prices of basic goods and services, usu. done as a means to fight inflation.
quality control a system by which to maintain a desired standard of quality in a product or process.
remote control control of an object, such as an aircraft, missiles, and the like, from a distance, as by radio signals. [2 definitions]
self-control restraint or control of one's emotions or behavior.
tone control on an amplifier, a manually controlled device that regulates the intensity of high and low frequencies.