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clean-cut having a neat, regular, well-defined shape or outline. [2 definitions]
clear-cut easily perceived; obvious; evident. [5 definitions]
crew cut a haircut in which the hair is cut off very short.
cut a wide swath to attract considerable attention; make a big impression.
cut bank a steep riverbank, esp. one formed by erosion along a bend in a river.
cut corners to do something in an easier and more expedient manner, often at the expense of quality or care in its execution.
cut down to lessen (often fol. by "on").
cut glass glass that is shaped or decorated by cutting, incising, or grinding.
cut in to move oneself abruptly in or between. [2 definitions]
cut off one's nose to spite one's face to take spiteful or vengeful action that causes pain or disadvantage to oneself.
cut one's wisdom teeth to attain maturity; arrive at an age when decisions must be made and discretion practiced.
cut out to delete. [2 definitions]
cut the Gordian knot to solve a difficult problem in a rapid, bold manner.
cut-rate available at a reduced price; cheap. [2 definitions]
Dutch cut see Dutch bob.
shortcut a quicker or more direct route. [2 definitions]
to cut one's eyeteeth on to gain one's earliest experience from.