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3-D of, concerning, or portraying something in, or as if in, three dimensions. [2 definitions]
A.D. abbreviation of "anno Domini" (Latin); in the year of the Lord, or since the birth of Jesus Christ (used in designating dates).
c.o.d. abbreviation of "collect on delivery." [2 definitions]
D and C abbreviation of "dilatation and curettage," a surgical procedure in which the cervix is dilated and the uterine lining is scraped with a curette.
D layer the lowest layer of the ionosphere, about forty-five to eighty miles above the earth.
D-day the day, kept secret, on which a military attack or other important action is scheduled to take place. [2 definitions]
D.A. abbreviation of "District Attorney," the government prosecutor of criminal cases for a specified judicial district.
D.C. abbreviation of "da capo," from the beginning (used in music as a direction to repeat a passage).
D.D. abbreviation of "Doctor of Divinity."
D.D.S. abbreviation of "Doctor of Dental Surgery."
D.O.A. abbreviation of "dead on arrival."
D.S. abbreviation of "dal segno," from the sign (used in music as a direction to return to the point so marked and repeat a passage).
d.t.'s abbreviation of "delirium tremens," a condition caused by chronic excessive drinking of alcohol and characterized by hallucinations, trembling, and anxiety.
D.V.M. abbreviation of "Doctor of Veterinary Medicine."
Ed.D. abbreviation of "Doctor of Education."
J.D. abbreviation of "juris doctor" (Latin); Doctor of Law, or Doctor of Jurisprudence.
Litt. D. abbreviation of "litterarum doctor" (Latin); Doctor of Letters, or Doctor of Literature.
LL.D. abbreviation of "legum doctor" (Latin); Doctor of Laws.
M.D. abbreviation of "medicinae doctor" (Latin); Doctor of Medicine.
P.D. abbreviation of "police department."