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All Fools' Day April Fools' Day.
All Saints' Day in some Christian churches, a festival on November 1 that celebrates all the saints; Allhallows.
All Souls' Day in some Christian churches, a day of prayer for the dead, usu. on November 2.
April Fools' Day the first day of April, when tricks and practical jokes are customarily played on unsuspecting people.
Arbor Day in the United States, a spring day set aside for the planting of trees in the community.
Armistice Day November 11, the anniversary of the armistice ending World War I, called Veterans Day in the United States.
Ascension Day the fortieth day following Easter, observing the ascent of Jesus Christ into heaven.
Boxing Day December 26, a holiday in the UK and other Commonwealth countries, publicly observed on the first weekday after Christmas.
call it a day to end the day's work.
Canada Day a Canadian legal holiday on July 1, celebrating the anniversary of the formation of the Dominion in 1867; formerly Dominion Day.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints the official name of the Mormon Church.
Columbus Day a U.S. holiday, usu. observed on the second Monday in October, that commemorates Christopher Columbus's discovery of the New World.
Commonwealth Day in much of the British Commonwealth, the second Monday in March, when the Commonwealth is recognized.
D-day the day, kept secret, on which a military attack or other important action is scheduled to take place. [2 definitions]
day care daytime care and supervision, in a home or day-care center, esp. for preschool children, or after-school or vacation care for older children, or supervised daytime care for elderly or disabled people.
day in court the opportunity to be heard or to present one's case, as in a legal proceeding.
day laborer a worker, esp. an unskilled one, who is paid by the day.
day letter in former times, a telegram sent during the day that was cheaper but slower than a regular telegram.
day lily any of several wild and cultivated varieties of lily whose multiple, trumpet-shaped flowers each bloom for a single day.
day nursery a nursery school in which preschool children, usu. of working parents, receive care and supervision during the day.