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can-do reflecting an eagerness to take on something combined with the belief in one's ability to accomplish it.
derring-do daring or courageous deeds.
do away with to abolish, discard, or discontinue. [2 definitions]
do good to do things that help or positively affect others.
do nails to apply cosmetic polish to fingernails.
do one's bit to give one's effort to something; do one's share.
do one's hair to arrange one's own or another person's hair in a particular style.
do one's makeup to apply makeup, usually to the face.
do or die to make the ultimate effort.
do over to do again.
do somebody good to have a beneficial effect on someone.
do the dishes to take care of dirty dishes by washing and possibly also drying.
do the honors to function as a host; serve.
do the ironing to press with a hot iron those clothes or other materials that are in need of pressing.
do the laundry to wash clothes and other things that have become dirty, and usually to cause them to dry in some particular way.
do the trick to accomplish a result that one wants.
do time to spend time in jail or prison as a person convicted of a crime.
do-gooder (informal) a social or political reformer who is considered to be naive or impractical.
do-it-yourself of, pertaining to, or designed for use by amateurs, esp. in construction or repair work.
do-nothing a lazy, unmotivated person; idler or sluggard. [2 definitions]