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can-do reflecting an eagerness to take on something combined with the belief in one's ability to accomplish it.
derring-do daring or courageous deeds.
do away with to abolish, discard, or discontinue. [2 definitions]
do one's bit to give one's effort to something; do one's share.
do over to do again.
do the honors to function as a host; serve.
do the laundry to wash your clothes or other things that are dirty.
do the trick to accomplish a result that one wants.
do-gooder (informal) a social or political reformer who is considered to be naive or impractical.
do-it-yourself of, pertaining to, or designed for use by amateurs, esp. in construction or repair work.
do-nothing a lazy, unmotivated person; idler or sluggard. [2 definitions]
do-or-die showing or necessitating desperate effort. [2 definitions]
do-si-do a movement in square dancing in which two dancers approach each other, pass around each other back to back, and return to their original positions. [4 definitions]
have to do with to be about or be connected with something.
make do to manage, despite insufficiencies or adversity.
ne'er-do-well one who is lazy or irresponsible; good-for-nothing. [2 definitions]
tae kwon do a form of Korean karate.
to-do (informal) a commotion or fuss; stir.
well-to-do prosperous or well-off; affluent.
whoop-de-do (informal) noisy or excited activity; commotion; hoopla.