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Bernoulli effect the decrease in a fluid's pressure as its speed increases.
cause and effect of, pertaining to, or arising from a connection between two events in which one causes the other to happen.
Coriolis effect the apparent deflection of moving objects as observed from a rotating frame of reference due to the force created by the rotating frame.
Doppler effect the apparent shift in frequency of waves, as of sound or light, if the source and receptor are in motion relative to each other. The frequency appears to become greater if they move closer and become less if they move apart.
greenhouse effect the warming trend on the surface and in the lower atmosphere of a planet, held by scientists to occur when solar radiation is trapped, as by emissions from the planet.
halo effect the tendency of extraneous material or ideas to affect a judgment, attitude, or the like, esp. in a favorable direction. [2 definitions]
in effect virtually. [2 definitions]
piezoelectric effect an electric polarization that arises in some crystals when they are subjected to mechanical pressure, and, conversely, the mechanical deformation in these crystals that results when an electric field is applied to them.
ripple effect influences or consequences that spread from an earlier act or event.
Seebeck effect a method of producing an electric current in a circuit with sections made of unlike materials that are caused to have different temperatures. [2 definitions]
shot effect random fluctuation in the flow of electrons emitted by a heated cathode, resulting, when amplified, in a popping noise.
take effect to start functioning or operating.
Tyndall effect the scattering and polarization of light by colloidal particles within a suspension.