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buck fever the nervous excitement felt by novice hunters when they first sight game.
cabin fever anxiety caused by being confined to a small space or isolated from other people for a length of time, as during winter.
fever blister a blister on the face or lips often accompanying a cold or fever; cold sore.
glandular fever see infectious mononucleosis.
hay fever an allergic reaction to plant pollen, characterized by mucus from the nose, sneezing, and headache.
jungle fever any of several tropical diseases, esp. a severe variety of malarial fever.
parrot fever see psittacosis.
puerperal fever an infection, often fatal, of the endometrium or bloodstream, that occurs during or just after childbirth, usu. caused by unsanitary conditions surrounding delivery.
rabbit fever see tularemia.
ratbite fever either of two infectious diseases transmitted by the bites of rats or other animals, one characterized by inflammation, back and joint pains, headache, and vomiting, and the other by a purplish rash, recurrent fever, and ulceration near the bite.
rheumatic fever a severe infectious disease whose symptoms include fever and inflammation of the joints and parts of the heart, usu. occurring in children.
Rocky Mountain spotted fever a disease caused by a microorganism carried to humans by certain North American ticks that is characterized by high fever, rash, and pain in the muscles and joints.
rose fever a form of hay fever that occurs in spring or early summer as an allergic reaction to rose pollen.
scarlet fever an acute contagious disease esp. affecting children, caused by streptococci and characterized by sore throat, fever, and a reddish rash.
spotted fever any of various infectious diseases transmitted by ticks and characterized by skin eruptions, esp. Rocky Mountain spotted fever. (See tick fever.) [2 definitions]
spring fever the feelings of listlessness or restlessness that may affect people at the beginning of spring.
swamp fever see malaria. [2 definitions]
Texas fever an infectious disease of the red blood cells, transmitted by ticks, that is commonly found in cattle.
tick fever any infectious fever, such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, transmitted to humans by the bite of a tick.
trench fever an infectious type of rickets characterized by muscle pains and recurrent fever, and transmitted by body lice.