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Erin go bragh Ireland forever (Irish Gaelic); (used to express loyalty to Ireland).
go back on to retract (a promise, statement, or decision).
go back to the drawing board to start at the very beginning again; begin anew.
go down to disappear from sight below the horizon; set. [3 definitions]
go Dutch (informal) to go on an outing, or order a meal, for which each person pays his or her own share.
go for all the marbles (slang) to risk a great deal hoping for a big gain.
go for the jugular to attempt to inflict a seriously wounding or fatal blow; attempt to defeat decisively.
Go Kart trademark for a particular type of kart.
go off to be activated to explode or emit a sound. [3 definitions]
go off on a tangent to switch suddenly from a main topic or course of action to another that is irrelevant.
go on record to make an official or formal statement of one's position.
go out to stop burning.
go over with a fine-tooth comb to scrutinize in minute detail and with great care.
go overboard to do excessively or with excessive enthusiasm; go to extremes.
go to any lengths to ignore possible danger, discomfort, or inconvenience in pursuing a goal.
go to pieces to lose emotional or mental stability or control; collapse.
go to pot to go to ruin; become ruined.
go to rack and ruin to become dilapidated, as through neglect; decay.
go to seed of a plant, to reach the stage of producing seeds. [2 definitions]
go to the dogs (informal) to seriously decline or deteriorate; degenerate.