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Canada goose a large wild goose of North America, having brownish gray feathers, a black head and neck, and a white patch under the chin and up both sides of the face.
cook one's goose (informal) to cause one to lose further opportunity; ruin one's chances; doom one to failure or defeat.
goose bump roughness of the skin that looks like the skin of a plucked goose. Goose bumps last only for a short while and are caused by cold or fear.
goose flesh a temporary, roughened condition of the skin in which the papillae become erect as a result of fear, surprise, cold, or the like; goose bumps; goose pimples.
goose pimple a small bump on the skin caused by cold or fear.
goose step a marching step in which the legs are swung high and the knees kept stiff and straight.
Mother Goose the imaginary author of a collection of eighteenth-century English nursery rhymes.
snow goose a wild white or bluish-gray goose with black wing tips that breeds in northern regions.
wild-goose chase the futile pursuit of something unattainable or nonexistent.