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bite the hand that feeds one to respond to kindness or generosity with harm or malice.
by hand with the use of your hands, or by human effort without the help of any machines.
cap in hand in a humble manner.
deck hand a seaman employed mostly on the deck of a vessel.
farm hand a person hired to perform duties on a farm.
field hand a hired farm laborer, esp. one who works in the fields; hired hand.
four-in-hand a necktie knotted in a slipknot, with the ends dangling and overlapping in front. [3 definitions]
glad hand (informal) a hearty but often insincere or hypocritical welcome, greeting, reception, or the like.
glad-hand (informal) to greet in a hearty but insincere manner.
hand ax a primitive, handleless stone implement shaped and used like the head of an ax.
hand down to give to one's children or successors.
hand grenade a small hand-thrown explosive shell that is exploded by a fuse or on impact.
hand organ a portable barrel organ that is played by turning a crank by hand.
hand out to give to each person; pass out; distribute.
hand over to give up control of; surrender.
hand truck a small vehicle with two wheels and handles for moving heavy things.
hand-held small or light enough to be operated while held in the hand. [2 definitions]
hand-knit knitted by hand rather than by machine. [2 definitions]
hand-me-down used clothing or some other article passed on to someone, as from an older brother or sister. [4 definitions]
hand-to-hand involving physical contact between opponents, as in military combat.