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ball joint a mechanical joint, often found in tools and machines, in which the ball-shaped end of a rod or pipe is fitted into a hollow socket, enabling the inserted part to rotate freely in any direction.
ball-and-socket joint a skeletal joint in which the ball-shaped end of a bone, often part of a limb, fits into and rotates quite freely within the hollow, spherical socket of another bone. [2 definitions]
clip joint (slang) a business, esp. a place of entertainment, that charges excessive prices.
fish joint the joint between two timbers, beams, or rails that are bolted together lengthwise or end to end, usu. by a fishplate or fishplates.
hip joint the ball-and-socket joint consisting of the head of the femur and its receptacle in the pelvis.
joint account a bank or stock account in the names of two or more people, all of whom may withdraw funds from it.
Joint Chiefs of Staff the principal military advisory body to the President of the United States, consisting of the chiefs of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.
joint committee a committee consisting of members from both houses of a bicameral legislature, or from two or more organizations.
joint resolution a resolution passed by both houses of a bicameral legislature.
joint return a single U.S. income tax return combining the individual incomes of a married couple.
joint-stock company a company organized like a corporation except that stockholders are liable for debts.
knuckle joint any joint between two bones that forms a knuckle. [2 definitions]
lap joint a joint, as of wooden pieces, in which two ends are partially trimmed and then fastened to form a flush surface.
out of joint not joined in a proper or usual manner; dislocated. [3 definitions]
toggle joint a joint shaped like a knee or elbow, with two parts pivoted together so that pressure applied to the pivot point forces the parts to straighten and exert outward pressure at their free ends.
tongue-and-groove joint a carpentry joint in which a projection on one board is fitted into a matching groove on the next.
U-joint variant of universal joint.
universal joint a connection between rotating shafts set at angles to one another, permitting rotation in three planes.