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broad jump in track competition, a jump for distance with a running start; a former name for long jump. [2 definitions]
high jump a field event in which contestants jump over a level bar, which is raised after each successful trial.
jump at to take or accept quickly and eagerly.
jump bail to escape from the jurisdiction of the law while free on bail.
jump ball in basketball, a method of putting the ball in play in which the referee tosses the ball straight up between two opposing players, who leap and try to tap the ball to a teammate.
jump on the bandwagon to join a party, cause, or movement because it seems assured of success, as during an election.
jump rope a length of rope held at each end and swung under the feet and over the head as one jumps, for exercise or as a game.
jump seat a small folding seat in an automobile or airplane.
jump shot in basketball, a shot made by a player at the highest point of a jump.
jump suit a one-piece garment worn by parachutists. [2 definitions]
jump the gun to start something prematurely.
jump-start to start (a motor vehicle) either by rolling or pushing (it) with the ignition on and suddenly releasing the clutch, or by connecting the dead battery to a live battery with jumper cables. [2 definitions]
long jump in competitive track sports, a jump for horizontal distance with a running start.
quantum jump a sudden change in the energy level of an atom or molecule. [2 definitions]
ski jump a snow-covered slope or track from which skiers can make jumps. [2 definitions]
triple jump a track-and-field event in which the jumper takes a running start and makes three consecutive jumps for horizontal distance.
water jump a small pool, water-filled ditch, or the like that a horse must overleap, as in a steeplechase.