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Chinese lantern a collapsible lantern made of thin, often brightly decorated paper; Japanese lantern.
Chinese lantern plant a perennial plant grown for its orange, lantern-shaped, inflated seed casings; winter ground cherry.
dark lantern a lantern with a sliding panel or shutter that can be used to hide the light.
friar's lantern an elusive light that hovers over marshes at night; ignis fatuus.
jack-o'-lantern a traditional Halloween lamp made from a pumpkin by removing the pulp, carving a face through the shell, and placing a candle in the bottom.
Japanese lantern see Chinese lantern.
lantern fish any of several deep-sea fishes with luminescent organs along the side of the body.
lantern jaw a bony, projecting lower jaw.
lantern slide an early type of photographic transparency for projection.
magic lantern an instrument formerly used to project and enlarge photographic slides.