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cost of living the average cost of food, shelter, clothes, and other basic necessities for a household or a single person.
cost-of-living determined by, or adjusted to, changes in the cost of living.
free-living freely indulging desires and appetites, as for food, drink, or sex, as a way of life.
live high on (or off) the hog (informal) to live in a wealthy or extravagant style or manner.
live load any variable weight added to the intrinsic weight of a structure, such as people in a building or moving traffic on a bridge. (Cf. dead load.)
live oak any of various evergreen oaks of the southeastern or southwestern United States. [2 definitions]
live wire a wire or other electric conductor that is carrying electric current. [2 definitions]
living death a completely miserable and joyless life.
living room a room in a residence, usu. with a couch, armchairs, and the like, used for various social and leisure activities.
living wage a wage that provides enough money for living at minimum acceptable standards.
living will a document directing that all medical life-support systems or treatment that prolong the signer's life be ended in the event of a terminal illness.
standard of living the level of necessities and comforts of daily life that is available to and affordable by a nation, group, or individual.