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low beam the dimmer setting for the headlights on a vehicle, providing short-range illumination.
low blow in boxing, a blow below the belt. [2 definitions]
low comedy comedy that is based on bawdy jokes, humorous situations, or physical action such as horseplay and slapstick; burlesque; farce.
low frequency any radio frequency between thirty and three hundred kilohertz per second.
low profile a manner or form designed not to attract attention; deliberately inconspicuous presence or activity.
low relief sculptural relief that projects slightly from the background; bas-relief.
low tide the tide at its lowest ebb, or the time at which this occurs. [2 definitions]
low water the lowest level reached by a body of water, such as a lake or river in the dry season. [2 definitions]
low-cal containing few calories, or fewer calories than normal.
low-cost not expensive; available at a low price or cost.
low-grade of inferior value or quality. [2 definitions]
low-key low in aggression or intensity; mild.
low-minded demonstrating or possessing characteristics considered base or vulgar.
low-necked of a garment, having a low neckline; exposing the neck and sometimes the shoulders; décolleté.
low-pitched pitched in a low key or low range of tones. [3 definitions]
low-pressure having, exerting, or indicating less than normal pressure, as steam or water. [3 definitions]
low-priced costing very little.
low-proof having a low alcohol content.
low-rise of a building, having only a few stories. (Cf. high-rise.) [2 definitions]
low-spirited in low spirits; depressed; dejected; sad.