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earth mother (sometimes caps.) the planet earth conceived of as the source of all life. [2 definitions]
Holy Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.
Mother Carey's chicken any of various small marine birds, esp. the storm petrel.
mother country one's native land.
Mother Goose the imaginary author of a collection of eighteenth-century English nursery rhymes.
Mother Hubbard a character in an eighteenth-century English nursery rhyme. [2 definitions]
mother lode the largest or richest vein of ore in a particular region.
Mother Nature a personification of the force or principle that seems to regulate the physical universe.
mother of vinegar see mother2.
mother superior (often caps.) the head of a Christian religious order for women.
mother tongue one's first or native language. [2 definitions]
mother wit inborn or natural intelligence or common sense.
mother-in-law the mother of a person's husband or wife.
mother-of-pearl the glossy hard iridescent substance that forms the inner surface of some shells and is commonly used in jewelry and inlaid decoration.
queen mother a queen dowager who is the mother of a reigning king or queen.