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crew neck a rounded neckline, as on a sweater, that fits closely at the base of the neck.
ewe-neck a thin, arched, or low-set neck, as on a poorly formed horse or dog.
horse's neck a drink of ginger ale with soda water and sometimes liquor.
low-necked of a garment, having a low neckline; exposing the neck and sometimes the shoulders; décolleté.
neck and neck holding almost the same position; even.
neck-rein of a saddle horse, to turn in the opposite direction to the side of the neck that the rein presses on. [2 definitions]
redneck (chiefly American)(informal; usu. derogatory) a poor, white, rural person. [2 definitions]
stick one's neck out to take risks; expose oneself to criticism or harm.
V neck a neckline that is V-shaped in front, as on some sweaters.