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A-O.K. (informal) perfectly fine; in excellent working order.
B.O. abbreviation of "body odor."
c.o.d. abbreviation of "collect on delivery." [2 definitions]
D.O.A. abbreviation of "dead on arrival."
Jell-O trademark for a sweetened, fruit-flavored gelatin dessert.
M.O. abbreviation of "modus operandi" (Latin); method of operating.
OK1 (informal) acceptable; all right; satisfactory. [5 definitions]
P.O.1 abbreviation of "post office," a department or branch of a government responsible for the circulation of mail, esp. an office or division of this department at which mail is received and sorted, from which it is delivered, and at which stamps, money orders, and the like can be purchased.
P.O.2 abbreviation of "parole officer," a court-appointed official who supervises persons, including convicts, who are on probation.