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Antarctic Ocean the waters surrounding Antarctica at the southern confluence of the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans.
Arctic Ocean an ocean that surrounds the North Pole; Arctic.
Atlantic Ocean an ocean bordered by Europe and Africa on the east and the Americas on the west; Atlantic.
Indian Ocean an ocean south of Asia that stretches from Africa to Australia; Indian.
ocean floor the surface of the ground at the bottom of the ocean.
ocean liner a large commercial ship designed for travel on the open seas, which transports passengers or cargo, typically on a regular route.
ocean sunfish any of a family of bony marine fishes, esp. a large, slow-moving, tropical species with a flattened body resembling an upright disk.
ocean-going of, or designed or equipped for, travel on seas and oceans, as a ship. [2 definitions]
Pacific Ocean the largest ocean in the world, separating Asia and North America, and Australia and South America, and extending to Antarctic; Pacific.
Southern Ocean used as a term for the ocean area that surrounds the continent of Antarctica.