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age-old as old as the ages; ancient.
chip off the old block one who is very similar to one of his or her parents.
old age the final stage of life, considered in humans to begin at about age sixty-five, characterized by a decline in health and vigor.
old age pension (chiefly British) money that an old person receives from the government when he or she is no longer able to work. (Cf. social security.)
old age pensioner (chiefly British) someone who is too old to work and who receives an old age pension; senior citizen.
old country the country from which one or one's ancestors emigrated.
Old English the English language from the fifth to the thirteenth centuries; Anglo-Saxon. [2 definitions]
old fogy one who is annoyingly conservative or old-fashioned.
Old French the French language as spoken between the ninth and fifteenth centuries.
Old Glory the U.S. flag; Stars and Stripes.
old gold a soft metallic yellow color.
old guard (sometimes cap.) the most conservative members of a group, political party, or the like, often in positions of authority or influence.
old hand one who is experienced, usu. in a specified field, practice, or endeavor.
old hat old-fashioned. [2 definitions]
Old High German the German language as spoken and written in central and southern Germany between the eighth and twelfth centuries.
Old Irish the Irish language before the eleventh century.
old lady (informal) one's mother. [2 definitions]
Old Latin the Latin language up to about 75 B.C., as found in written records.
Old Low German the German language as spoken and written in northern Germany before the twelfth century.
old maid an old unmarried woman; spinster (usu. used disparagingly). [3 definitions]