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keel over to faint or fall over suddenly.
knock over to make an object that had been standing fall to the ground.
lean over backward to make unusually great efforts, as to ensure fairness or to please someone.
look over to inspect or examine, often briefly.
move over to shift so as to make room for another.
once-over (informal) a hasty look at and evaluation of something or someone.
over a barrel unable to refuse a demand because of the circumstances.
over and above in addition to; besides.
over one's head beyond one's ability to understand. [3 definitions]
over the counter from or by a stockbroker as opposed to the stock exchange.
over the hill past one's most effective or powerful period.
over the hump past the most difficult or trying part of something.
over the transom designating a manuscript or other material that is submitted to a publisher without having been solicited.
over-the-counter of drugs or medication, legally available for purchase without a prescription. [2 definitions]
pick over to examine with close scrutiny, as before buying.
pull over to drive to the side of the road and stop.
pull the wool over someone's eyes (informal) to deceive or hoodwink someone.
ride roughshod over to treat harshly or with brutal force.
start over to start again.
stop over to stop briefly before traveling further.