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J.P. abbreviation of "Justice of the Peace," the lowest level of magistrate in some U. S. states, whose jurisdiction is usu. part of a county and whose duties include administering oaths, performing marriages, and trying minor cases.
M.P. abbreviation of "Member of Parliament," one who has been elected to the parliament of a nation.
P and L abbreviation of "profit and loss."
P-Celtic a branch of the Celtic languages that includes Welsh, Cornish, and Breton, in which a "p" sound replaced the Proto-Indo-European "kw" sound.
P.D. abbreviation of "police department."
P.E. an abbreviation of "physical education."
P.I. abbreviation of "private investigator."
p.m. abbreviation of "post meridiem" (Latin); after noon, or the period of time from noon until midnight.
P.M. abbreviation of "Prime Minister," the chief minister and head of the cabinet in parliamentary governments.
P.O.1 abbreviation of "post office," a department or branch of a government responsible for the circulation of mail, esp. an office or division of this department at which mail is received and sorted, from which it is delivered, and at which stamps, money orders, and the like can be purchased.
P.O.2 abbreviation of "parole officer," a court-appointed official who supervises persons, including convicts, who are on probation.
P.P.S. abbreviation of "post postscriptum" (Latin); a second or additional postscript.
P.S. abbreviation of "postscript," a note or message added at the end of a book or document, esp. at the end of a letter following the signature.
R.I.P. abbreviation of "requiescat in pace" (Latin); may he, or she, rest in peace.
R.S.V.P. abbreviation of "répondez s'il vous plaît" (French); please reply.
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