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point lace a type of lace worked on a needle rather than a bobbin; needlepoint.
point of honor a matter that affects one's reputation or honor.
point of no return the point in an aircraft's flight when it lacks sufficient fuel to return to its starting point, and must thus proceed forward. [2 definitions]
point of order a question as to whether a matter under discussion is in order according to the rules of parliamentary procedure.
point of view a position or place from which one may view, consider, or appraise something; viewpoint; standpoint. [2 definitions]
point out to show or tell about something so that someone can see it or know it.
point system a method of grading that uses numbers instead of letter grades. [4 definitions]
point-blank of a gunshot or other shot, fired at very close range. [4 definitions]
point-of-sale of, pertaining to, or at the place where a purchase is made.
power point (chiefly British) a point in an electrical system where electrical appliances can be connected to the current; outlet.
pressure point any of several places on the body where an artery passes over bone close to the skin, and where pressure can be applied to cut off blood flow to a limb, as in the case of serious injury.
saturation point the limit beyond which no further absorption can occur. [2 definitions]
sticking point a position or point beyond which someone or something will not move. [2 definitions]
stretch a point to exaggerate.
suspension point see ellipsis.
talking point a fact, idea, or view that is esp. persuasive or supportive of one side in an argument.
three-point landing a perfect aircraft landing in which the two main wheels and the tail or nose wheel touch down simultaneously.
three-point play in basketball, a play in which a player is fouled while making a two-point basket and then scores another point on the subsequent free throw.
to the point relevant to the main focus of interest or discussion.
turning point a moment when a decisive change occurs. [2 definitions]