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put all one's eggs in one basket to risk all one has on a single undertaking.
put aside to save for a future time.
put away to return something to the place where it usually stays.
put back to return something to a place.
put down to stop holding; lay (something) down. [4 definitions]
put off to delay. [2 definitions]
put on to dress in. [2 definitions]
put (someone) on a pedestal to elevate in regard or esteem; idealize.
put on the map make famous or celebrated (used esp. of obscure places that gain sudden fame by association with a celebrated person or event).
put one through one's paces to cause one to demonstrate skill or ability.
put one's head on the chopping block to take, or be subject to, a great risk, as of being severely criticized or fired.
put one's nose to the grindstone to start or diligently pursue some hard or tedious work, esp. in a spirit of resignation.
put out to stop the burning of something.
put out the welcome mat to extend an enthusiastic and generous welcome.
put stock in to consider important or believable.
put the cart before the horse to do or place things contrary to their logical order.
put the screws on to compel (someone) by exerting pressure or force; coerce.
put through the wringer to subject to a difficult ordeal, such as an interrogation.
put to bed to prepare someone, such as a child or disabled person, for rest or sleep in a bed.
put to shame to cause to feel ashamed; disgrace. [2 definitions]