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chain store one of a group of retail stores that are under the same ownership or central management system and that follow a uniform marketing policy.
company store a retail store operated as a monopoly by the same company that employs the local work force.
convenience store a store, often near a busy road or highway, that is open long hours and that sells a limited selection of grocery items, especially snacks and beverages, as well as certain pharmaceutical and automotive items.
department store a large retail store organized into departments, each of which orders, displays, and sells certain types of merchandise.
dime store a store that sells mostly inexpensive products; five-and-ten.
discount store see discount house.
drugstore in the United States, a store that sells prescription drugs, as well as other items such as vitamins, hair care products, cosmetics, candy, and magazines.
general store a small retail store that sells a wide range of merchandise but is not divided into departments.
grocery store a store in which food and other supplies for household use are sold.
in store in a state of readiness; on reserve. [2 definitions]
mom and pop store (informal) a small store or business, usu. owned and run by family members.
package store a store, esp. one under the control of a given U.S. state, that sells only hard liquor and other sealed alcoholic beverages.
set store by to hold in esteem; value.
ten-cent store a commercial establishment that sells inexpensive goods; five-and-ten.
variety store a retail store that sells a wide variety of items, esp. small and inexpensive ones.