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double take a sudden second look or other delayed reaction indicating that the real significance of a sight, remark, or situation has just been understood.
give-and-take the act, process, or practice of compromising. [2 definitions]
take a back seat (informal) to hold a secondary position or be considered less than excellent.
take a bath (informal) to undergo a serious financial loss.
take a bow to come forward or stand up to receive applause, recognition, or commendation.
take a dim view of to regard unfavorably or pessimistically.
take a fling at (informal) to attempt or try one's skill at.
take a hike (slang) to depart because one is not wanted.
take a powder (slang) to flee.
take a stab at to attempt or try, esp. with little chance of success.
take a whack at (informal) to attempt (a task or action); try.
take advantage of to exploit (a weakness or opportunity). [2 definitions]
take after to resemble.
take amiss to be offended by, esp. as a result of misunderstanding.
take an oath to make a formal, solemn promise; pledge.
take apart to divide or disassemble into smaller units. [2 definitions]
take back to retrieve or reclaim ownership of. [2 definitions]
take care of to focus concerned attention on; be responsible for the welfare of. [2 definitions]
take cover to seek protection or concealment.
take (someone) down a peg to make humbler.