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ebb tide the tide in its outgoing phase. (Cf. flood tide.)
flood tide the inflowing tide; rising tide. [3 definitions]
half tide the condition or point in time of a tide halfway between its peak ebb and flow.
high tide the highest point reached by a tide, or the time of day when this occurs. [2 definitions]
low tide the tide at its lowest ebb, or the time at which this occurs. [2 definitions]
red tide a brownish red discoloration of sea waters caused by a local overabundance of certain single-celled algae that are toxic to many forms of marine life.
spring tide the tides that occur soon after the new or full moon and have the greatest rise and fall. (Cf. neap.) [2 definitions]
tide over to support through some temporary difficulty, usu. a shortage of money.
tide pool a body of seawater that remains as a rocky pool on the shore when a tide recedes; tidal pool.
turn the tide to reverse or change significantly the course of events, tendency of opinion, or the like.