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bronchial tube a bronchus or any of the tubes branching from it; one of the two main branches of the trachea.
cathode-ray tube a vacuum tube in which a stream of electrons is accelerated and focused in a beam that produces lighted traces on a screen at one end of the tube, used in television sets, computer monitors, and the like.
discharge tube a device that produces light by means of an electric current discharged in gas or vapor.
electron tube a sealed, tube-shaped container in which a pair of electrodes controls the flow of electrons through a vacuum or very low-pressure gas.
Eustachian tube a passage connecting the middle ear with the throat; auditory canal.
Fallopian tube in female mammals, one of a pair of narrow ducts that carry ova from the ovaries to the uterus; oviduct.
inner tube an inflated rubber tube inside a tire.
picture tube the cathode-ray tube in a television receiver, with a screen at one end on which televised images appear.
test tube a thin hollow glass cylinder, closed at one end, that is used chiefly in biological and chemical laboratories, esp. in conducting experiments.
test-tube made in or as if in a test tube; synthetic or artificial. [2 definitions]
thermionic tube a vacuum tube in which an electrically heated cathode causes the emission of electrons or ions.
torpedo tube a tube from which torpedoes are launched, as in marine vessels.
tube foot any of numerous small fleshy tubes on the body surfaces of most echinoderms, such as starfish, used in locomotion, securing food, and the like.
tube pan a deep round cake pan with a hollow tube extending up through the center.
tube sock a tube-shaped elasticized sock lacking a shaped heel.
tube top an elasticized, cylindrical women's garment that covers the breasts while leaving the shoulders, and often the midriff, bare.
vacuum tube an electron tube, formerly used in radio and electronics, from which the air has been evacuated, enabling electrons to move freely within the vacuum.
venturi tube a short tube with a constricted section at the center that lowers the pressure and increases the velocity of fluid flowing through the tube, used to measure fluid flow.