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build a fire under (informal) to urge to action, speed, or the like.
down under (informal) Australia or New Zealand.
fall under to be the concern of. [2 definitions]
hot under the collar (informal) very angry or upset.
keep under wraps to keep secret or hidden.
knuckle under to give in under pressure; yield.
under cover hidden or covert; in secrecy.
under no circumstances in no instance; never.
under oath bound by oath to tell the truth or fulfill a promise.
under one's belt made part of one's permanent knowledge or experience; mastered; completed.
under one's thumb controlled or heavily influenced by someone.
under one's wing under one's care or protection.
under sail with the sails set to catch the wind's force; driven by the wind.
under the circumstances given the facts as they are.
under the counter secretively, esp. in order to evade the law.
under the hammer offered for sale at public auction.
under the lee the quarter toward which the sea wind is blowing; to leeward.
under the sun in existence; in the world; on earth.
under the weather (informal) slightly ill or unhappy.
under tow being moved along by towing.