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apothecaries' weight a system of weights used to dispense drugs.
atomic weight the average weight of one atom of a given element, expressed in atomic mass units.
avoirdupois weight a system of weight based on a pound equal to sixteen ounces or to 453.59 grams.
carry weight to have influence, importance, or authority.
dead weight the unrelieved weight of any inert mass, esp. a human or animal body. [3 definitions]
gross weight the entire weight of a package, shipment, or the like, including materials such as packaging.
molecular weight the sum of all the atomic weights of the atoms in a molecule.
pull one's weight to do one's share of work.
throw weight the payload, or carrying capacity, of a ballistic missile, including the weight of its warheads and guidance systems.
troy weight a system of weight based on a pound equal to twelve ounces or 373.24 grams, used for precious metals and gems.