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at will at one's discretion, wish, or pleasure.
free will the ability to choose or decide voluntarily. [2 definitions]
good will an attitude of friendliness or kindness; benevolence. [3 definitions]
ill will hostility or spite.
living will a document directing that all medical life-support systems or treatment that prolong the signer's life be ended in the event of a terminal illness.
self-will obstinate willfulness, esp. in the pursuit of one's own desires or ambitions; stubbornness.
whippoorwill a nocturnal, insect-eating bird of eastern North America that has gray, black, white, and tawny plumage and is named for the sound of its call.
will power one's strength of will, mind, or determination; self-control.
will-o'-the-wisp a false or unattainable hope or goal that leads one on. [2 definitions]