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astronomical year a unit of time equal to the period between one vernal equinox and the next.
calendar year the period of time that begins on January 1 and ends on December 31. (Cf. fiscal year.)
fiscal year an accounting period that covers any twelve consecutive months, at the end of which the books are closed and profit or loss is determined.
leap year a year in the Gregorian calendar having 366 days which occurs every four years, the extra day, February 29, making up the quarter day difference between the common year and the astronomical year. [2 definitions]
light-year a unit of distance equal to the distance light can travel in a year, or approximately six trillion miles.
lunar year an interval of time equal to twelve lunar months.
new year a year that has recently begun or will soon begin. [2 definitions]
off year a year in which production or activity is less or worse than usual. [2 definitions]
off-year election in the U.S., an election that occurs in a year other than those years during which a President is elected. [2 definitions]
sabbatical year see sabbatical leave. [2 definitions]
school year the annual period from the beginning of a school's classes, usu. in late summer, to the end of classes and examinations, usu. in late spring.
seventeen-year locust a cicada of the eastern United States that lives as a larva in the soil for thirteen to seventeen years before emerging for a short adult life.
sidereal year a unit of time equal to the time required for one revolution of the earth around the sun; 365 days, six hours, nine minutes, and 9.54 seconds.
solar year see astronomical year.
year round during the whole year.
year-round continuing, existing, or lasting throughout the entire year.
year-to-date from the beginning of the year to this day. Year-to-date, or YTD, is often written on the stub of a check for wages to show how much money a person has earned in a year up to the date of the check.