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account executive in a company such as an advertising agency, a person responsible for managing one or more clients' accounts and often for securing new accounts.
account payable an amount owed to a creditor by a business, usu. for goods and services received.
account receivable an amount owed to a business by a debtor, usu. for goods and services received.
bank account at a bank, the funds credited to a depositor and subject to withdrawal by him or her.
charge account a business arrangement between a buyer and seller in which the seller allows the buyer to charge purchases to an account, for which he or she will be billed later.
checking account a deposit in a bank, credit union, or the like, against which checks may be written by the depositor. (Cf. savings account.)
expense account a record of an employee's expenditures that will be paid or paid back by the employer, or a specified amount of such allowable expenditures.
joint account a bank or stock account in the names of two or more people, all of whom may withdraw funds from it.
money of account a monetary denomination or unit used in keeping accounts, esp. one that does not correspond to actual paper money or coin, such as the U.S. mill.
no-account of little worth; no good.
on account of because of.
savings account a bank account that earns interest, and on which checks may not be drawn.
suspense account in bookkeeping, an account in which items such as credits or debits are temporarily recorded before their final disposition is determined.
take into account to consider.
trust account a type of savings account in which the funds are controlled by the depositor as trustee and become payable to the beneficiary upon the trustee's death.