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arm wrestling a contest in which each of two opponents places either the right or the left elbow on a table with the forearm vertical, clasps the opponent's hand, and tries to force the opponent's hand back until it touches the table; Indian wrestling.
arm-twisting (informal) the use of unrelenting or unethical pressure in an effort to persuade someone to do something.
arm-wrestle to engage in arm wrestling.
rocker arm a pivoted lever or arm attached to a moving or stationary shaft, used to transfer a rocking or pushing motion, as in an automotive engine.
small arm (usu. pl.) a hand-held, low-caliber firearm, such as a pistol or rifle.
stiff-arm to shove (an opposing player, as in football) with one's arm held straight; straight-arm. [2 definitions]
straight-arm to keep (a sports opponent, esp. a football tackler) away from oneself by holding one's arm out straight; stiff-arm. [2 definitions]
strong-arm using or threatening to use physical force or coercion. [2 definitions]
tone arm the pivoting arm on a phonograph that holds the needle.
twist someone's arm to use force or persuasion to cause some action.