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air bag a bag in the front of some cars that blows up with air instantly in a crash to stop the passengers from being thrown forward.
barracks bag a large cylindrical bag of heavy cloth, usu. with a drawstring, used to contain a soldier's personal belongings; duffel bag.
body bag a zippered bag, usu. rubber, used to transport a human corpse.
brown-bag to bring (a meal, usu. lunch) to work, school, or the like in, or as in, a brown paper bag. [3 definitions]
ditty bag a small bag, used esp. by sailors, for personal articles, sewing implements, or the like.
doggie bag a bag or box in which a restaurant will pack leftovers of a patron's meal to betaken home, presumably to be fed to a pet.
duffel bag a large cylindrical canvas bag used to carry clothing and personal items.
feed bag a bag that can be filled with feed, slipped over a horse's muzzle, and kept in place with straps over the animal's head.
flight bag a small, lightweight, flexible piece of luggage with a zipper in the top.
Gladstone bag a hinged piece of luggage that opens flat to two compartments of equal size.
grab bag a container filled with wrapped items, such as party favors, to be drawn or purchased without prior knowledge of the contents. [2 definitions]
ice bag a small waterproof bag that is filled with ice and applied to a part of the body to relieve swelling, pain, or the like; ice pack.
let the cat out of the bag to reveal a secret.
mixed bag a diverse assortment.
musette bag a small leather or canvas bag for toilet articles, carried by a shoulder strap.
nose bag see feed bag.
punching bag a stuffed or inflated bag, hung so it swings freely and used for punching practice or exercise, esp. by boxers.
sea bag a large cylindrical canvas duffle bag, used by sailors to carry clothing and other personal gear.
shopping bag a large, strong bag with handles, used for carrying purchases.
sleeping bag a large bag with a warm lining and a zipper used to sleep in outdoors.