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bar code a set of black bars on a white background printed on the labels of goods and mail. A bar code is scanned by a computer that reads information such as price.
bar graph a graph that uses bars of different lengths to show information.
bar mitzvah a Jewish ceremony that celebrates a boy becoming an adult and the beginning of his religious duties. The bar mitzvah usually takes place when the boy is thirteen years old.
bar sinister in heraldry, a bar on a shield that runs diagonally from lower left to upper right, signifying an illegitimate ancestor; bend sinister. [3 definitions]
Bar-B-Que variant of barbecue.
candy bar a candy in the shape of a bar, often made of chocolate or of chocolate with other ingredients such as caramel, nuts, or coconut.
capstan bar a pole inserted in and used as a lever to turn a capstan.
chocolate bar a candy bar made mostly with chocolate.
color bar segregation or discrimination based on race or skin color, usu. as practiced by whites against nonwhites; color line.
double bar two heavy vertical lines on a musical staff used to indicate the end of a piece or of a major subdivision of a piece.
roll bar a very strong metal bar fitted over and across the width of a car or other vehicle that minimizes injury to occupants in the event the vehicle rolls over.
salad bar a self-service counter in a restaurant or cafeteria offering a variety of salad ingredients and dressings.
sickle bar a device consisting of a heavy bar that supports and protects the mowing blades, as of a harvesting machine.
singles bar a bar that serves as a meeting place for young, unmarried people.
snack bar a counter or lunchroom where light meals or snacks are served.
space bar a horizontal bar on a keyboard, as of a typewriter, that produces a blank space rather than a character.
T-bar a metal bar or beam with a cross section resembling a T. [2 definitions]
toll bar a barrier to access, as to a road or bridge, that is lifted after a toll is collected; tollgate.
torsion bar a metal bar that maintains stability under twisting, used in the suspensions of some automobiles.
wet bar a small bar or serving counter equipped with running water.