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ant bear a large, toothless, ant-eating mammal with a long snout, a sticky, extendable tongue, and a long shaggy tail; great anteater. [2 definitions]
bear arms to carry and use weapons.
bear up to work through something difficult without giving up; endure.
bear with be patient with.
black bear a medium-sized bear, usually with thick black or reddish brown fur. They are the most common bears in North America and live in forests and mountain areas. [2 definitions]
brown bear a bear that is mainly brown in color, found in western North America and northern Europe and Asia. Brown bears vary in size from the small Syrian variety to the giant Kodiak bear and include the North American grizzlies. They are found in more parts of the world than any other kind of bear.
Great Bear the constellation Ursa Major.
grizzly bear a large bear found in the northwestern United States and western Canada. The fur of the grizzly bear can be grayish or brown.
Kodiak bear an extremely large brown bear of coastal Alaska and British Columbia.
Little Bear the constellation Ursa Minor.
polar bear a large bear with thick white fur that lives in arctic areas.
teddy bear a children's toy made to look like a bear. Teddy bears are filled with soft stuffing and covered with furry fabric.
woolly bear the fuzzy caterpillar of any of various tiger moths.