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big band a large jazz or dance band, esp. one of the 1930s and 1940s in the U.S., that combines arranged ensemble playing with solo improvisations. [2 definitions]
big bang theory the theory that the universe originated at a fixed point billions of years ago in a cosmic explosion of a mass of hydrogen atoms, and that it has been expanding ever since. (Cf. steady state theory.)
Big Ben the bell in the clock tower of the Parliament building in London. [2 definitions]
big brother an elder brother. [3 definitions]
Big Dipper part of the constellation Ursa Major, made up of this constellation's seven brightest stars. These stars form a shape that looks like a ladle, or dipper.
big game large wild animals hunted for sport, such as deer, boar, or tigers. [2 definitions]
big league see major league. [2 definitions]
big lie a gross falsity, distortion, or misrepresentation that becomes widely accepted through constant repetition and elaboration (usu. prec. by the). [2 definitions]
big on excited about; having a liking for.
big picture an overall view or perspective that considers larger or long-term implications (prec. by the).
big shot (informal) an influential or important person.
big stick political or military power, displayed or implied to intimidate or gain cooperation from potential adversaries, esp. as a foreign policy (often prec. by the).
big top the tent or main tent of a circus. [2 definitions]
big tree a very tall cone-bearing evergreen found in California; giant sequoia.
big-league of, concerning, or suitable for a top professional sports league, esp. one of the baseball major leagues. [2 definitions]
big-time (informal) significant or influential in a particular trade, profession, or other field of endeavor. [2 definitions]