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across the board applying equally to all parts or members.
board foot a unit of measure for lumber, equal to one foot square and one inch thick.
board game any game, such as chess or backgammon, in which pieces are moved on a specially marked board.
board of education an appointed or elected group that supervises one or several school systems at the town, city, county, or state level; school board.
board of health a department of municipal, county, or state government that supervises public health and sanitation.
Bristol board a fine-grained, heavy pasteboard used by artists, printers, and the like.
bulletin board a board on which things such as notices or advertisements are displayed. A bulletin board usually hangs on a wall either in your home or in a public place.
circuit board a backing, panel, or card, often insulated, on which electronic circuits and other components are set or imprinted.
diving board a springy board that is fixed to a stand and reaches out over water, used for diving.
draft board a body of citizens who select men for compulsory U.S. military service.
drawing board a large, smooth, rectangular board on which paper or canvas is mounted before being drawn upon.
emery board a small stiff strip of cardboard that has been coated with powdered emery, used as a nail file.
free on board delivered free of charge to a buyer on board a train or ship.
go back to the drawing board to start at the very beginning again; begin anew.
ironing board a long, narrow, padded board on which laundry is ironed.
onboard transported, used, or installed upon a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle. [4 definitions]
particle board any of several boardlike building materials made by compressing wood chips, flakes, or sawdust with a bonding resin.
Peg-Board trademark for a board with holes into which pegs or hooks are placed, used to hang tools or the like for storage or display.
poster board thin cardboard that comes in sheets, suitable for making posters.
room and board lodging and meals, as provided by a boarding house, dormitory, or the like.