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A-bomb an atomic bomb.
atom bomb see atomic bomb.
atomic bomb a very destructive bomb; atom bomb. Its power comes from the great amount of energy released when atoms are split.
bomb bay in a bomber, the compartment from which bombs are dropped.
buzz bomb (informal) see robot bomb.
cherry bomb a round, red, very explosive firecracker.
fragmentation bomb a bomb that scatters shell fragments over a large area when it explodes.
fusion bomb see hydrogen bomb.
H-bomb a very powerful bomb that releases energy by nuclear fusion. "H-bomb" is short for hydrogen bomb.
hydrogen bomb a very powerful type of bomb. When its hydrogen atoms are forced together under great heat and pressure, they release energy in a huge explosion.
neutron bomb a nuclear weapon whose detonation releases many neutrons that kill or harm humans and other life, but results in virtually no damage to buildings or property.
pipe bomb a crude homemade bomb made of a length of metal pipe into which an explosive charge is inserted.
plastic bomb a puttylike adhesive substance containing explosives that can be detonated either by electricity or a fuse.
robot bomb a jet-propelled, winged bomb or missile guided by an automatic steering device and carrying a warhead; buzz bomb; cruise missile.
smoke bomb a bomb that produces dense clouds of smoke upon detonation.
stink bomb a small bomb that gives off an offensive odor on exploding.
time bomb a device consisting of explosives and a timer that allows it to be detonated at a particular time. [2 definitions]