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cold chisel a handleless chisel made of tempered steel with a sharpened edge, used for cutting unheated metal.
cold cream a semisolid cosmetic emulsion applied to moisturize, smooth, or cleanse the skin.
cold cuts slices of various meats, meat products, and cheeses, served at room temperature.
cold duck a beverage made of an equal mixture of champagne and sparkling burgundy.
cold frame an unheated box, usu. with a glass top, used outdoors for protecting plants from the cold.
cold front the advancing edge of a mass of cold dense air as it displaces warmer air.
cold pack a treatment involving the application of a cold sheet or ice pack to a patient's body, to reduce swelling or relieve pain. [2 definitions]
cold shoulder a deliberate display of unresponsiveness or indifference, intended as a snub.
cold snap a brief period of very cold weather.
cold sore a viral infection characterized by small blisters, usu. on the lips, that erupt during colds or fevers; herpes simplex. [2 definitions]
cold storage storage in a temperature-controlled, usu. refrigerated container or room, as for furs or perishable foods or drugs.
cold sweat perspiration accompanied by a chilly feeling, induced by fear, shock, anxiety, or the like.
cold tablet a non-prescription tablet usually containing an antihistamine and fever-reducing drug, taken to relieve the symptoms of a cold.
cold turkey (informal) abrupt and total withdrawal from using an addictive substance such as a drug or tobacco. [3 definitions]
cold war intense political or ideological hostility between nations, resulting in high tension between them, but not in outright war. [2 definitions]
cold wave a period of abnormally cold weather. [2 definitions]
cold-blooded having blood whose temperature changes with the temperature of the air or water. Animals such as fishes, snakes, and lizards are cold-blooded. [2 definitions]
cold-hearted without kindness or sympathy.
cold-shoulder to treat (someone) with indifference.
common cold a common sickness that causes sneezing, sore throat, coughing, and a stuffy nose; cold.