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come a cropper (informal) to suffer a failure or fiasco. [2 definitions]
come across to discover or find by chance. [2 definitions]
come around to regain consciousness; revive. [2 definitions]
come clean (informal) to admit the truth.
come from to be born in or to have as your first home.
come home to roost of an action or actions, to return or rebound against the doer; boomerang.
come out to be revealed or made known. [2 definitions]
come out in the wash to turn out in a satisfactory way.
come over to come from one place to another to visit or talk with someone, used only when people are in the same town, area, or space.
come round to regain consciousness; revive. [2 definitions]
come through to continue to live or exist.
come to to regain consciousness.
come to blows to start to fight.
come to grief to have a bad end; fail.
come to grips with to deal with directly; cope with. [2 definitions]
come to life to become lively or vigorous. [3 definitions]
come to naught to fail or be useless.
come to pass to take place; happen.
come up to arise.
come-on (informal) something offered or apparently offered to entice or induce; lure. [2 definitions]