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analog computer a computer that uses physical quantities such as pressure or electric voltages to represent data. (Cf. digital computer.)
computer graphics images produced by a computer than can be displayed on the screen or printed.
computer lab a room where there are many computers. Computer labs are often found in schools and libraries and can usually be used for free.
computer language a system of words and symbols that is used to program a computer; code. There are hundreds of computer languages, such as C, Cheetah, and JavaScript.
computer science the science and study of computers, including how they are made and how they work.
computer virus a code added to a computer program that can attach itself to and seriously damage other programs.
computer worm a computer program that can propagate, by itself, from host to host, often causing loss of memory space and sometimes minor harm to a system.
digital computer the type of computer in widest use, that represents data as discrete electrical signals and operates at high speed. (Cf. analog computer.)
laptop computer a small computer that is easy to carry; notebook computer.
notebook computer a very small, light computer that is easy to carry; laptop computer.
personal computer a small computer used by one person or a few people; microcomputer.