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bargain counter a counter in a store that is stocked with items to be sold at reduced prices.
counter check a check available at a bank to customers with accounts, for making withdrawals.
Counter Reformation an aggressive campaign by the Roman Catholic Church in the sixteenth century that was aimed at countering the effects in Europe of the Protestant Reformation.
counter word (chiefly American) a commonly used word whose current meanings have little relationship to its original meaning, such as "nice" or "terrible".
Geiger counter an instrument used to find and measure radioactivity.
over the counter from or by a stockbroker as opposed to the stock exchange.
over-the-counter of drugs or medication, legally available for purchase without a prescription. [2 definitions]
under the counter secretively, esp. in order to evade the law.
under-the-counter secret or illegal, as sales or payments; under-the-table.