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cover charge a fixed amount charged by nightclubs and restaurants in addition to the price of food and drink, often used to defray the cost of live entertainment or music.
cover crop a quick-growing crop planted to prevent soil erosion or soil depletion.
cover girl a young woman whose picture is on the cover of a magazine.
cover ground to pass over an area. [2 definitions]
cover letter a letter of explanation enclosed with a document, package, or the like.
cover story a magazine article featured in the picture or headlines on the magazine's cover. [2 definitions]
cover-up an action or scheme to conceal something, esp. a misdeed or scandal.
ground cover any of numerous low-growing plants that grow thickly and cover the ground, and often prevent soil erosion where there is little grass. [2 definitions]
re-cover to cover again.
soft-cover a book bound in a flexible cover, esp. of paper; paperback. [2 definitions]
take cover to seek protection or a hiding place.
under cover hidden; in secret.