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at cross purposes so as to misunderstand or act in a way that frustrates each other's purposes.
cross hairs the two fine hairs, wires, or the like, one vertical and the other horizontal, that cross at right angles in an optical instrument such as a gunsight and that aid the viewer in aiming or focusing accurately.
cross out to remove something by drawing a line through it.
cross reference a reference from one part of a book, index, or file to another part that contains additional or related information.
cross section a part of something made visible by cutting straight through it. [2 definitions]
cross swords to meet in physical combat; fight. [2 definitions]
cross talk interference, as on a telephone, radio, or other electronic receiver, by other sound or radio signals from another channel. [2 definitions]
cross-country directed or moving over rough ground rather than on a smooth path, track, or road. [4 definitions]
cross-cultural relating to or comparing two or more cultures. [2 definitions]
cross-examine to question thoroughly and insistently, often for the purpose of comparing responses with those of earlier questioning. [2 definitions]
cross-eye a condition in which one or both eyes turn toward each other.
cross-fertilize to fertilize by pollen, sperm, or another male gamete from a different individual, or with different genes or from a different species.
cross-grained of lumber, having a grain that runs across or diagonally to the length. [2 definitions]
cross-legged with the ankles close to the body and crossed, and the knees wide apart. [2 definitions]
cross-pollinate to pollinate by placing pollen from one plant on the pistil of another of a different type.
cross-pollination the transfer of pollen, as by bees, from one flower to another of different genetic composition, resulting in the production of a hybrid; cross-fertilization.
cross-purpose a purpose that opposes or conflicts with another.
cross-question to cross-examine. [2 definitions]
cross-refer to make a reference to another part of the same work.
cross-reference to give a reference to in a book or other written work.